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Customer Care: Quality Service Aimed at Customer Satisfaction

  • Duration: 2 Days

Services SETA Accreditation Status: Full Accreditation

This learning program is aligned to the following unit standard:

Care for customers

Unit Standard ID: 246740

NQF Level 4, Credits 3

Learning Program Overview

Customers are the reason most organisations exist. Those interacting with valuable customers make critical business decisions on a daily basis – employees in contact with customers have to direct and assist them, provide information, solve problems, deal with difficult situations and display an image that represents the professionalism of the organisation.

Customer service is an art requiring behavioural skills, as well as a science requiring specialised methods, guidelines and techniques which have to be learned and practised in order to be truly effective. Knowing the expectations of customers and the requirements of customer relations, provide job satisfaction and most important, customer satisfaction. Good customer service enhances teamwork, as employees learn to what extent they are dependent on one another to satisfy the customer and how customer satisfaction enhances the reputation of the organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Customers… who they  are and what they want and need

  • Exploring the role of customer contact employees in an organisation.
  • Identifying who is the customer.
  • Evaluating the value of customers to your organisation.
  • Identifying customer needs and expectations.
  • Understanding the importance of aiming at customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluating the essence of ongoing customer feedback.
  • Exploring the importance of organisational knowledge as a tool towards efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Promoting services and products.

 Customer problem-solving

  • Understanding the value of complaints.
  • Exploring reasons why customers complain.
  • Negotiating win-win solutions and the four assertiveness styles.
  • Identifying effective communication techniques when handling complaints.
  • Managing difficult and irate customers.

Service aimed at quality

  • Contributing to enhancing the organisation’s competitive advantage.
  • Exploring how excellent companies define and deliver service.
  • Understanding the levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Balancing personal and technical competencies.
  • Understanding the crucial determination of quality service.
  • Setting service targets.

 The moment of truth: Customer interaction

  • Understanding effective communication as a vital link in customer interaction.
  • Influencing others positively and the importance of human relations.
  • Establishing rapport during interactions.
  • Practising the process of customer interaction and techniques to get a 100% cooperation (practical exercise: video recordings & feedback).


Learners who attend this training, will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” directly after the training. Additionally, learners can also be enrolled to participate in the assessment process at an additional fee. Assessment entails the completion of a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and if being assessed as competent, the learner will be awarded 3 credits on NQF Level 4. In this case, a “Certificate of Competence”, endorsed by Services SETA, will be issued representing the credit value and NQF Level. Entry-level requirements for assessment according to the Unit Standard: It is assumed that learners should be competent in Communication, Mathematical Literacy and Computer Literacy at NQF Level 3.

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