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Results-Based Management: Operational & Project Planning and Risk Management


  • Duration: ten days

Services SETA Accreditation Status: Full Accreditation
This programme is aligned to the following Unit Standards:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan: US ID: 252032
  • Monitor, assess and manage risk: US ID:252025
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan: US ID: 252022

NQF Level 5 Credits 24

Programme Overview

This learning programme is suitable for managers who would like to develop skills in strategic management, principles of risk management and project planning. This programme is intended for managers in all economic sectors. These managers would typically be second-level managers such as heads of department, section heads or divisional heads, who may have more than one team reporting to them.

Programme Contents:

Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan 

  • Developing an operational plan for a unit.
  • Implementing an operational plan.
  • Monitoring, measuring and evaluating the achievement of goals and objectives.

Monitor, assess and manage risk

  • Developing strategies for a unit.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of business processes and potential risks to a unit.
  • Identifying potential risks and assessing the impact thereof in a unit.
  • Developing contingency plans for managing risk.
  • Testing and revising contingency plans.

Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan

  • Selecting a work-based project for a unit.
  • Scoping a work-based project for a unit.
  • Developing a project plan.
  • Developing tools to measure key performance parameters.
  • Implementing the plan and evaluate project progress.


Learners who attend this training, will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” directly after the training. Additionally, learners can also be enrolled to participate in the assessment process at an additional fee. Assessment entails the completion of a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and if being assessed as competent, the learner will be awarded 24 credits on NQF Level 5. In this case, a “Certificate of Competence” will be issued representing the credit values and NQF Level. Entry-level requirements for assessment according to the Unit Standard: Learners should demonstrate competence in Communication, Mathematical Literacy and Computer Literacy at NQF Level 4.

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