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Performance Management

  • Duration: 2 Days

Services SETA Accreditation Status: Full Accreditation

This learning program is aligned to the following unit standard:

Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards

Unit Standard ID: 252034

NQF Level 5, Credits 8

Learning Program Overview

Performance Management is a systematic review of an individual or a group's performance in the workplace. It is the process according to which the performance and development of individuals and entities within an organisation are actively managed, to ensure that the strategy and vision of the organisation are achieved.

Learning Outcomes

Formulating performance standards for team members in a unit

  • Formulating of performance standards to be achieved by team members in relation to the unit's goals, objectives and deliverables.
  • Specifying clear and concise performance standards and activities to be performed.
  • Feedback from team members is incorporated into the performance standards to promote the buy-in of team members in a unit.
  • Recording and documenting performance standards according to the unit's policies and procedures.

Establishing systems for monitoring performance

  • Identifying and reviewing a variety of performance monitoring systems for possible use in a unit.
  • Selecting a performance monitoring system in line with the unit's policies and procedures for performance assessment.
  • Communicating the performance monitoring system to team members to promote buy-in.
  • Setting up a system for monitoring performance against standards in accordance with the unit's policy and procedures.

Preparing for a performance review of a team member

  • Agreeing on the arrangements for the performance review with  the team member, including the time, place and nature of the review.
  • Conducting a preliminary assessment of performance against the agreed standards using monitoring systems.
  • Documenting information gathered during the preliminary assessment to be available for future reference.
  • Identifying methods for giving constructive feedback that make provision for reporting positive and negative findings.
  • Preparing documents to be used during the review in accordance with the entity's policies and procedures.

Conducting the performance review interview

  • Communicating relevant and fair feedback to the team member in a constructive and supportive manner.
  • Recording findings on positive and negative aspects of the member's performance accurately, fairly and honestly, for report back and follow-up.
  • Agreeing upon an action plan to address performance gaps and building on positive performance with the employee.
  • Documenting and signing off on agreed actions by both parties.


Learners who attend this training, will receive a “Certificate of Attendance” directly after the training. Additionally, learners can also be enrolled to participate in the assessment process at an additional fee. Assessment entails the completion of a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and if being assessed as competent, the learner will be awarded 8 credits on NQF Level 5. In this case, a “Certificate of Competence”, endorsed by Services SETA, will be issued representing the credit value and NQF Level. Entry-level requirements for assessment according to the Unit Standard: Learners should be competent in Communication, Mathematical Literacy and Computer Literacy at NQF Level 4.

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