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Michael Walker


Michael is a language specialist, and presenter for the DEAL Courses in Communication Skills.

Michael holds a BA in English and Industrial Psychology, an MA in Linguistics and a teaching diploma from the University of Cambridge.

He has worked as a Director of Studies and Principal of an English Language school, a sub-editor on DRUM magazine and a trainer for a global developer and provider of online educational solutions. He has trained teachers and administrators in places as diverse as Costa Rica and Kazakhstan.

In 2012, Michael started Language Boss, a small training company that specialises in two areas: training people to write properly in the workplace and teaching Business English to non-native English speakers. Language Boss’s courses can be delivered face-to-face, or they can be delivered as a blended model – a combination of face-to-face and e-learning.

Michael believes that when people write and speak better, they think better; they communicate better; they relate to others better. Better writing and speaking can change organisations for the better.

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